If you are not going to be at practice/school or you will be late to practice/school
please leave a message on the main coaches’ office number.

Main Coaches Office 512-570-2066

Football players will attend a Wednesday tutorial session after school during the season.

Football players will travel to and back with the team to all events.
If there is an emergency then you will need to contact Coach Mann or the head coach of the team.

All football players will have a lock for their athletic locker.
You are welcome to give the combination/key to your position coach. 

The use of cell phones or cameras are not allowed in the locker room area at any time.
If the athlete needs to use their devices they can step outside the locker room.

There will be no horse playing, bullying, or hazing in the locker room at any time.
Violation can lead to dismissal from the team.

Parents please do not approach a coach immediately after a practice or game unless it is an emergency based situation.  Please contact the coaches’ office (call or email) to set up a meeting with the coach.
Please note that we will expect to have your athlete in the meeting with us unless approved by the Head coach.

Athletes will carry a gallon water jug with them throughout the day to keep the body hydrated.

Every athlete will be set up with a Hudl account.
We expect all athletes to set up their profile and be active on their Hudl account

The athletes and parents will treat the training staff just like they would treat the coaches.
We will not play an athlete until they are cleared by our training staff.
Treatments for athletes are before practice or at a time designated by the training staff.
Injured athletes are still required to be at practices.


Mouthpiece (we will provide 1 but it’s probably best if you get a backup)

Black or Maroon shorts - they need to mainly those colors.
We will wash these shorts for the players but are not responsible for damage or lost shorts.

Lock for your lock box on your locker. 

Water Jug (preferably a gallon)